“Whoever believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” — John 7:38
Freedom Is In Your Grasp, by Randall D. Kittle


One day as I was praying about the Church’s inability to move forward in the things of the kingdom, the Lord gave me an interesting vision.

In this vision I saw a man who was all tied up. His legs were bound together with ropes, and his hands were tied behind his back. Across his chest were more ropes to make certain he stayed in place and didn’t escape. Although he wasn’t blindfolded, there was a handkerchief tied across his mouth to gag him. As the vision continued, words began to appear upon the ropes that bound the man. His hands were bound together by a rope entitled “Betrayal,” and the word written upon the ropes that tightly held his legs together was “Offense.” “Slighted” was the name upon the ropes that bound his chest, and the gag which prevented him for calling out for help was named “Bitterness.”

Then I saw him working to pick up something that lay next to him on the ground (as though it had been discarded). As he finally got a hold of it in his hand, I could see it was a small knife. I could tell the blade was sharp by the way it glistened, and written upon this glistening blade was the word “Forgiveness.” As he cut the first rope of betrayal, I could hear a voice expressing words of forgiveness to someone. Immediately I heard a loud, strong voice, which seemed like rolling thunder, declare “You are forgiven.” As each rope was cut, I heard this same expression of forgiveness and its thundering reply. When all the ropes had been cut off, the man removed the gag from his mouth, stood up, and walked forward.

Forgiveness Brings Freedom
One of the reasons so many do so little to advance the kingdom of God is that they are bound by ropes of unforgiveness. They have been betrayed by friends and family, and even those they have co-labored with in ministry. Others have been entangled by the offenses they have picked up along their spiritual journey. Some have been ensnared by unforgiveness when they were slighted — ignored, disregarded, and dishonored — for their service, gifts, or ideas. All of this has caused bitterness to bind their mouths, making them unprofitable for building the kingdom and unable to speak the words that bring freedom.

But God has placed the weapon to win their freedom within their grasp. As they release others by forgiving them for the betrayal, offenses, and slightings that have wounded them, the Lord will forgive them for holding onto the hurts and harboring unforgiveness. This will bring them a new measure of freedom to move forward with the things of God!

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