“Whoever believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” — John 7:38
Lessons from the Superbowl, by Randall D. Kittle

The first Sunday in February is annually the biggest event for television — the Super Bowl. One of the strangest things about the Super Bowl is that on this Sunday evening in February millions of people throughout the world sit around eating food and watching a mere handful of players struggle for superiority on the playing field. Think of it — multiplied millions will be watching for each person who is actually trying to win the victory. Truly the nature of society, even on a global basis, has been shifting continually toward a "spectator mentality."

Unfortunately, that which is true of the world is also too true for the Church. Every week hundreds of people gather to listen to a few people sing and one person speak. The thought of them actually coming prepared to do their part and being involved in the service is shockingly small. But the Word of God says that believers are a
"royal priesthood." Every believer is a minister in the fullest extent of the word. We are each called to minister unto the Lord in prayer, praise, and worship, and to minister to each other in prayer, intercession, and encouragement. God desires to get the spectators out of the stands and onto the playing field. He wants to use you to share of His great goodness to those you meet on the street and those who sit next to you in church. This week plan on being more than a spectator and see how the Lord might use you to help gain the victory!

Prepared for What?
It also seems strange that in a society which can hardly agree on the color of the sky that on Super Bowl Sunday multiplied millions of people around the globe will have a common, single focus. For a vast majority, everything in their schedules, and practically everything in their lives, revolves around an athletic game that will soon be over and shortly become little more than a memory. In fact, for many American's the commercials that air during the Super Bowl make more of a lasting impression than the actual game. Yet, for weeks in advance people have been planning Super Bowl parties, buying new big screen televisions, and stocking up on soda, chips, etc. in preparation for the big game.

Can you image what the Church would be like if everything we did as believers were to revolve not around the Super Bowl — or any other selfish desire — but around Jesus Christ? What if we prepared for our church service or our small group gathering with the same level of preparation as we might make for a Super Bowl party? In these days of people preparing for an event that so quickly fades away, let us begin to have hearts that truly prepare to be used by God in any way He chooses!

Teamwork & the Superstar
Every year going into the Super Bowl there is a glut of promotion and hype. The news media inevitably focuses on a few key players from each team as if they are the only ones who will decide the game. But, regardless of all the highly paid and pampered "superstars" who will be part of the Super Bowl game, history shows us that the team that plays with the most teamwork is also most likely to win the game. Despite all the hype over certain superstars, it is often the steady work of an unnoticed lineman that truly leads to the victory. Champions win because of a team effort regardless of how the media may focus on one or two "star" players.

It is the same for the Church. When we come together and work together we will win the victory. Though often one or two people are singled out by others and given much of the credit, the truth is that we only overcome the enemy when we work together as a team. As we work together the Lord brings His blessing, for He has promised that where brothers dwell together in unity that He will command a blessing (see Psalm 133).

In the Church there is really only one Superstar, and that is Jesus Christ. Let us make certain that we all work together to gain the victory Christ has died to give us, while remembering that regardless of our gifts and abilities the only superstar in the Church is Jesus Christ.

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