“Whoever believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” — John 7:38
It is Time!, by Randall D. Kittle

In a prophetic dream, I saw a large city stretched out before me. I noticed that there was one building protruding high above the skyline. It was not a skyscraper or a church steeple but a bell tower. Suddenly, I heard the bell in the tower strike. Its sound resonated loudly, and the reverberations shook me so I could hardly stand. Soon the clock struck again … and then again. Each ring came more quickly and seemed to toll more loudly than the last until it sounded more like an alarm bell ringing out a warning than a bell tower chiming.

With the twelfth peal of the bell, I heard the voice of the Lord declare,
“The birth pangs of the end of this age are coming closer and closer together. They are ringing out loud and clear to be heard by all who have ears to hear. It is time for the Church to awake and arise — time for her to become who she was created to be. It is time for the Church to get things in order!”

Time for Our Surrender
As He said this last phrase, the words, “IT IS TIME” lit up across the horizon as if they were fireworks exploding. Just when these shining letters began to dim, they suddenly were replaced by new glimmering letters which said “1 THING,” and the Lord declared, “It is time for everyone who follows Me to give up the one thing they are holding on to — the one thing they hold back from Me, for I require complete surrender and will accept nothing less from those who follow Me.”

Time for His Supremacy
Next, the writing in the sky changed again to say “1st THING,” and the voice of the Lord proclaimed, “It is time for My Bride to put Me first and foremost in her life. Those who put Me on the back burner will find themselves back-sliding. I require supremacy in all things. You are My beloved Bride. Renounce and remove every passion and pursuit that draws you away from Me. Examine your lives and put things in their proper place — so that your time, energy, desires, and finances display to everyone that I am the most important thing in your life.”

Time for His Sovereignty
One last time the letters glowing in the sky changed and became, “ALL THINGS.” With that the Lord declared, “It is time for My children to make Me Lord of every aspect of their lives. Unless I am Lord of all their lives, I am not Lord at all in their lives. I require sovereignty over your lives. Renounce your rights to yourself — your plans, your will, and your desires — and allow the kingdoms of your hearts to become the kingdom of your God. The only safe place in these days of shaking will be in My kingdom under the covering of your great and loving King.”

In Times Like These
All around us the birth pangs of the end of the age can be seen by those who have eyes to see what is happening across the face of the earth. In every church, there are those focused on the Lord and others more drawn to the things of this world. For those with a worldly mindset, these birth pangs bring a “spirit of hibernation,” which results in numbness, denial, or becoming a spiritual couch-potato. But for those whose hearts are fixed and focused on God, the Lord will reveal the truths of the kingdom. It is these who will have the Sons of Issachar anointing, understanding the days in which we live and what must be done, which brings a spiritual activation — a determined desire to be prepared for the Lord and to be rightly related to Him.

God is calling us to prepare for the end of the age, but this is not about a physical preparation of stockpiles and survivalist equipment. It is about spiritual preparation. In these days when the warning bell of Heaven is striking ever more frequently, it is time for the Church to get things in order … beginning with our relationship with the Lord. He is looking for us to surrender anything that competes with His supremacy and sovereign reign in our lives. Those whose hearts are so prepared will be the ones who are able to stand and shine in the days ahead.

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